CyberBuddy Agent Magic Version 2

For those who want an even more powerful Character Building tool, now there is the CyberBuddy Character Builder Version 2. Version 2 has all the great features as the original Character Builder plus:
  • Many More animations.
  • More than twice the sound effects
  • Eyes! (Read More Below)

  • Eyes. Version 2 of the Agent Magic Character Builder now gives the option of placing eyes and eye expressions on your characters. By placing the eye position cursors on your image, the program can now draw a variety of eyes, enhance eyes already on an image or merely add facial expressions using the eye positions. Your photos, drawings or clipart will really come alive. The eye positions allow for animations that would otherwise not be possible, giving this version almost twice the animations and frames as Version 1.
    pix1p6.gifPlacing the eye
    positions is easy.

    A number of options
    makes for great variety
    in eye animations and

    CyberBuddy Character Builder is Only $39.95 US
    $34.95 for CyberBuddy Premium purchasers.

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