Program Features
    Simple User Interface - Make a complete character in less than a minute
    Uses a single image to create a character.
    Creates characters with hundreds of individual animation frames in seconds.
    Powerful software automatically generates animation frames using image analysis,
       modification, drawing and overlay techniques.
    Supports Sound Effects for animations.
    Sound effect Library Included.
    Automatically creates Icon for the characters.
    Automatically resizes images to the desired character size.
    Automatically reduces color depth to 256 colors required by characters.
    Automatically selects transparent backround color.
    Has functions to improve transparent backgrounds for photos.
    Options to select Character size, mouth size, mouth animation type and more.
    Flexible parameters - Ready for 1st time Agent Builders and Experienced Creators

Select the way to have the program
generate the speaking animations.
There are plenty of options
to render the character image.
Adding sound effects is a snap.
A sound effect library is included
with the program.

There is no other Character Creation Program like this!

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