An Example

This is a quick and simple example of a character built with Version 2 of the Character Builder. At the bottom of the page there is a link where you can download the character built here.
In this example we select
a very simple image.
A banana.
pix1p3.gifNext, we place the
position of the mouth
by moving a cursor.
If we like, we can change
some of the mouth settings.
pix3p3.gifNow we place the eyes,
again by moving a cursor.
We can also set the way
we want the eyes to appear.
Setting a few sound
effects is real easy.
pix5p3.gifNow we click the
Build Button and watch.
In a few seconds,
hundreds of animation
cells are created and
assembled into a character.
The result is a fully animated
banana character.
He has 32 animations
with 506 animation frames
and 13 sound effects.

You can download the Banana character with this link. Unzip the file and it will contain Banana.acs. You will need to move it to your C:\Windows\MSagent\Chars folder.

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